LDS Snowboarder: Jeremy Jones

The next in our series of “I’m a Mormon” video intros is Jeremy Jones, a Mormon professional U.S. snowboarder who might challenge one’s stereotypical view of what an active Mormon looks, sounds, and acts like. His story reminds us that Mormons come in all shapes and sizes (and attitudes) … and that being Mormon does not mean you have to live a stifled, closed-minded, or … Continue reading LDS Snowboarder: Jeremy Jones

Five Reasons Not to Quit Mormonism

It’s been a long day … made even longer by several emails and Facebook messages back and forth between the friend I mentioned earlier who commented negatively about my recent post on Gladys Knight joining the Mormon church. It’s another whole discussion that I’ll save for another day—the question of passages found in The Book of Mormon that some feel are racist and whether the … Continue reading Five Reasons Not to Quit Mormonism

What To Do About Haters (Just Love ‘Em)

Call today’s post a “two-for-one,” if you will—first, a story of a man who left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 25 years, became an outspoken anti-Mormon critic, then finally returned and, second, a guest post about how to handle “haters” (i.e. those who may be struggling with their own faith, their views of the Church, or as is usually the case, … Continue reading What To Do About Haters (Just Love ‘Em)