We Will Raise Our Voices Together

As you get to know yours truly and this Daily Mormon blog, I hope you start to understand my primary purpose and intent in writing. It’s simply this: I’m a firm believer that, while there is an ongoing battle between good and evil and, at times, it seems that the dark side might be winning, they aren’t and they never will. We know that in … Continue reading We Will Raise Our Voices Together

We All Know Who Will Win the Fight

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, as I mentioned in my first post, there’s a definite battle going on … for the souls of men, women, and children (and our happiness) everywhere. And, in many respects, it looks like Satan is winning (even though he isn’t and even though we know in the end he’ll lose … big time). It feels a little daunting, … Continue reading We All Know Who Will Win the Fight

LDS Rocker: Brandon Flowers

I plan to post several “I’m a Mormon” testimonies on this blog, like this one from Brandon Flowers, lead singer for the popular rock band, The Killers, and a Mormon from Nephi, Utah. I enjoy his music and really love his testimony in this video as well. Click the Video Below to Watch It Now: Bono from U2 said not too long ago that The … Continue reading LDS Rocker: Brandon Flowers