LDS Rugby Coach: Larry Gelwix

Living in New Zealand as a young child like I did, I’ve always had a fascination with rugby even though we didn’t play it in my neighborhood growing up. One of my favorite movies of all time is Invictus, about the South African rugby team (and Nelson Mandela), going up against the world famous usually-dominant New Zealand All Blacks. Rugby is a sport that seems … Continue reading LDS Rugby Coach: Larry Gelwix

More Latter-day Saint Humor … T-shirt Style

I wrote a post a little while ago about whether we members of The Church of Jesus Christ can laugh or not. You might snicker at that question, but it’s one of the “Mormon Misconceptions” some folks have at times. Some also wonder if we can dance, sing, go to the beach, drink caffeinated drinks, marry non-LDS; the list goes on. In most of these … Continue reading More Latter-day Saint Humor … T-shirt Style

LDS Snowboarder: Jeremy Jones

The next in our series of “I’m a Mormon” video intros is Jeremy Jones, a Mormon professional U.S. snowboarder who might challenge one’s stereotypical view of what an active Mormon looks, sounds, and acts like. His story reminds us that Mormons come in all shapes and sizes (and attitudes) … and that being Mormon does not mean you have to live a stifled, closed-minded, or … Continue reading LDS Snowboarder: Jeremy Jones

LDS NFL Football Player: Chad Lewis

I’ve got to tell you a funny story which is also pretty inspiring. I went to high school in Orem, Utah. I played on the varsity soccer and basketball teams and on the b-ball team I played with a guy named Jason Lewis. He had a younger brother named Chad who, as I remember him, was this scrawny, pimply faced, redheaded kid who more often … Continue reading LDS NFL Football Player: Chad Lewis

LDS Comedian: Jenna Kim Jones

You saw her if you watched the epic documentary I wrote of last week, Meet the Mormons. Comedian Jenna Kim Jones was the narrator of that film and she did a great job. She’s a New Yorker, a talented comedian, and also a Mormon. Thought you might like to get to know her a little better. Click Below to Watch Jenna’s “I’m a Mormon” Video: … Continue reading LDS Comedian: Jenna Kim Jones

LDS Opera Singer: Patrice Tipoki Arkins

Here’s another great I’m a Mormon testimonial from about as far away as you can get from here in Portland, Oregon (USA), this one about a Mormon opera singer from Sidney, Australia, Patrice Tipoki Arkins. While music is important to many of us and most definitely to the Church as a whole—I personally love all kinds of genres from country to R & B to rock … Continue reading LDS Opera Singer: Patrice Tipoki Arkins

LDS Rocker: Brandon Flowers

I plan to post several “I’m a Mormon” testimonies on this blog, like this one from Brandon Flowers, lead singer for the popular rock band, The Killers, and a Mormon from Nephi, Utah. I enjoy his music and really love his testimony in this video as well. Click the Video Below to Watch It Now: Bono from U2 said not too long ago that The … Continue reading LDS Rocker: Brandon Flowers