What Do Mormon Missionaries Do…?

We’ve all seen them … full-time Mormon missionaries … with their white shirts and black name tags (or skirts and name tags in the case of the ladies). You see them in pretty much every corner of the world you can imagine. From Boise to Bangladesh and everything in-between, this force of some 60,000+ volunteer elders and sisters is doing a great work all over … Continue reading What Do Mormon Missionaries Do…?

Dr. Roger Keller and Real Christianity

I attended Brigham Young University from 1988 to 2001, completing a bachelor’s degree in English … with multiple interruptions including work, a mission for the Church to Italy, and 9 years in the Army (during the U.S. Desert Storm invasion of Kuwait). It took me a long time to finish, in large part due to this pesky freshman math class that took me three expirations of … Continue reading Dr. Roger Keller and Real Christianity

Healthy Dialogue vs. “Civil” Debate

I’ve talked off and on about the “haters/naysayers”—those who fight against the Church and “kick against the pricks,” as they say, decrying the good and tearing down the beauty that the Church stands for worldwide. I have a hard time with them, I’ll admit. I mean, I don’t “crap on your porch” and ask you to like it. I would ask you not to do … Continue reading Healthy Dialogue vs. “Civil” Debate

Joseph Smith the Prophet’s Own Testimony

I talk often about “going to the source” when you’re seeking information/truth … talking to Mormons (vs. anti-Mormons) about Mormonism, reading The Book of Mormon for yourself if you want to know if it’s true, not just taking someone else’s word for it, etc., etc. Along this same line of thought, you really can’t do much better than to read Joseph Smith’s own testimony of his … Continue reading Joseph Smith the Prophet’s Own Testimony

LDS Digital Ninja: Greg Trimble

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed writing, sharing my testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and standing up for my religion and my faith (two different things in some ways). I decided to start this blog, The Daily Mormon, though, specifically, after reading an extraordinary book by expert-blogger, writer, and entrepreneur, Greg Trimble (check out his personal blog by Clicking Here and visit his business websites as … Continue reading LDS Digital Ninja: Greg Trimble

What To Do About Haters (Just Love ‘Em)

Call today’s post a “two-for-one,” if you will—first, a story of a man who left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 25 years, became an outspoken anti-Mormon critic, then finally returned and, second, a guest post about how to handle “haters” (i.e. those who may be struggling with their own faith, their views of the Church, or as is usually the case, … Continue reading What To Do About Haters (Just Love ‘Em)

WordPress Link-Up (LDS Bloggers) Party!

Originally posted on Highlighting Mormon WordPress Bloggers:
Hi WordPress Ward Members! It’s time for our Ward Social Link-up Party this month! Each 4th Saturday you can post a link to your own blog post that you want to share with other bloggers. The link can be on ANY topic as long as it is “anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy.” [Articles of Faith #13] Please comment below… Continue reading WordPress Link-Up (LDS Bloggers) Party!

We All Know Who Will Win the Fight

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, as I mentioned in my first post, there’s a definite battle going on … for the souls of men, women, and children (and our happiness) everywhere. And, in many respects, it looks like Satan is winning (even though he isn’t and even though we know in the end he’ll lose … big time). It feels a little daunting, … Continue reading We All Know Who Will Win the Fight

Mormonism … and the Father of Lies

I’ve decided to start this blog, The Daily Mormon, with the goal of writing a post daily to help clarify many of the questions surrounding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints … also known as Mormonism or the Mormon Church. There is, in many respects, a very real “battle” going on these days, especially online. Good people are seeking the truth about God, looking for … Continue reading Mormonism … and the Father of Lies