WordPress Link-Up (LDS Bloggers) Party!

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Hi WordPress Ward Members! It’s time for our Ward Social Link-up Party this month! Each 4th Saturday you can post a link to your own blog post that you want to share with other bloggers. The link can be on ANY topic as long as it is “anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy.” [Articles of Faith #13] Please comment below… Continue reading WordPress Link-Up (LDS Bloggers) Party!

Guest Post: The Love of a Living Prophet

I read a blog this evening with an incredible write-up about our last living prophet, beloved by one and all, President Thomas S. Monson. I thought it was really well done and thought you might enjoy it. It’s really great and insightful to say the least. Thank you for sharing, Patrick Laing – Portland, Oregon USA Click Here to Read the Post Continue reading Guest Post: The Love of a Living Prophet

Come Follow Me. It’s Never, Ever Too Late

I love videos. My wife and I are big movie buffs and I’ve always loved the quality of the digital work the Church puts out. You may have noticed that I’ve posted several new posts today (and dated them over the next 5 days). That’s because I’m going camping on the Oregon Coast, starting tomorrow, with my wife’s family for their family reunion. We’re headed … Continue reading Come Follow Me. It’s Never, Ever Too Late

LDS Violinist: Lindsey Stirling

  YouTube sensation, Lindsey Stirling, is a truly talented Mormon musician who has taken the world by fire. She’s also a former anorexic who learned for herself that God loved her, she had worth, and that she was and is a daughter of God. Her story is not only that of a great Mormon musician but also a real, authentic person who, like so many … Continue reading LDS Violinist: Lindsey Stirling

Celebrate Christmas All Year Long

Speaking of “celebrating Christmas” in July, if you haven’t seen this video put out by the LDS church last Christmas, you’ve gotta check it out. I can’t wait until December to share it with you! Like I said in my last post, we should all “think on Christ” ALL year long, not only in December during the Christmas season. Here’s the video I’m referring to. … Continue reading Celebrate Christmas All Year Long

We Will Raise Our Voices Together

As you get to know yours truly and this Daily Mormon blog, I hope you start to understand my primary purpose and intent in writing. It’s simply this: I’m a firm believer that, while there is an ongoing battle between good and evil and, at times, it seems that the dark side might be winning, they aren’t and they never will. We know that in … Continue reading We Will Raise Our Voices Together

That Which Is of God is … Light!

One of my favorite scriptures comes from the Doctrine and Covenants, the collection of revelations that the Prophet Joseph Smith (and others) have received over the years since 1820 when Joseph was first called as a prophet at 14 years of age. The two verses go along with the reference I made the other day to the “seed of faith” that grows (or doesn’t grow) … Continue reading That Which Is of God is … Light!

The Stone Cut From the Mountainside

I wanted to do at least one post telling the story of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the “Restoration of the Fullness of Times” as we refer to it as Mormons. This is as good an example as any. It’s a talk given by the former prophet and President of the Church, Gordon B. Hinckley, in October 2007. (This post isn’t very … Continue reading The Stone Cut From the Mountainside

Could the Story Actually Be True…?

Many of my posts will be short. This one is a little longer. It’s a write-up I did many years ago explaining my “story” (my testimony of and experience with) The Book of Mormon, as I was searching for myself to know if it was really true or not. This story shares what I learned and how it changed my life. I encourage you, when … Continue reading Could the Story Actually Be True…?

We All Know Who Will Win the Fight

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, as I mentioned in my first post, there’s a definite battle going on … for the souls of men, women, and children (and our happiness) everywhere. And, in many respects, it looks like Satan is winning (even though he isn’t and even though we know in the end he’ll lose … big time). It feels a little daunting, … Continue reading We All Know Who Will Win the Fight